Scheme and Functional Programming 2009

Preliminary Schedule

8:15am Coffee and a bit more besides
Invited Talk: If programming is like math, why don't math teachers teach programming?
Emmanuel Schanzer
9:30am Break (but no new snacks)
Sequence Traces for Object-Oriented Executions
Carl Eastlund, Matthias Felleisen
Scalable Garbage Collection with Guaranteed MMU
William D Clinger, Felix S. Klock II
Randomized Testing in PLT Redex
Casey Klein, Robert Bruce Findler
11:10am Break (with new snacks!)
A pattern-matcher for miniKanren -or- How to get into trouble with CPS macros
Andrew W. Keep, Michael D. Adams, Lindsey Kuper, William E. Byrd, Daniel P. Friedman
Higher-Order Aspects in Order
Eric Tanter
Fixing Letrec (reloaded)
Abdulaziz Ghuloum, R. Kent Dybvig
12:45pm Lunch
The Scribble Reader: An Alternative to S-expressions for Textual Content
Eli Barzilay
Interprocedural Dependence Analysis of Higher-Order Programs via Stack Reachability
Matthew Might, Tarun Prabhu
Descot: Distributed Code Repository Framework
Aaron W. Hsu
Keyword and Optional Arguments in PLT Scheme
Matthew Flatt, Eli Barzilay
Screen-Replay: A Session Recording and Analysis Tool for DrScheme
Mehmet Fatih Köksal, Remzi Emre Başar, Suzan Üsküdarlı
3:00pm Break (with new snacks!)
Get stuffed: Tightly packed abstract protocols in Scheme
John Moore
Distributed Software Transactional Memory
Anthony Cowley
World With Web: A compiler from world applications to JavaScript
Remzi Emre Başar, Caner Derici, Çağdaş Şenol
4:05pm Break (but no new snacks)
Peter J Landin (1930-2009)
Olivier Danvy
Invited Talk: Future Directions for the Scheme Language
The Newly Elected Scheme Language Steering Committee

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