Scheme 2012 is the annual Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming. It is sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN.
  • 05 Sep: The programme is online.
  • 06 Aug: The submission site is now open for submissions.
  • 12 Jul: ACM SIGPLAN endorsement.
  • 06 Jul: Kurt Nørmark accepted to give an invited talk on "Scheme on the Web and in the Classroom - a Retrospective about the LAML Project".
  • 28 May: Website and submission site live.


The workshop invites submissions related to Scheme and functional programming.

We also welcome submissions related to dynamic or multiparadigmatic languages and programming techniques.

The following topics are especially encouraged:

  • compiler-implementation techniques;
  • compiler optimization;
  • continuations (naturally);
  • data structures;
  • domain-specific languages;
  • commercial applications of Scheme;
  • computational reflection;
  • contracts;
  • education;
  • garbage collection;
  • higher-order programming;
  • language-based security;
  • language design;
  • macros and hygiene;
  • mixing static and dynamic typing;
  • module systems;
  • partial evaluation;
  • semantics;
  • static analysis;
  • syntactic extensibility;
  • tools and packages; and
  • web-based development.

Submission requirements

Submissions must be in ACM proceedings format, 9-point or 10-point type. Microsoft Word and LaTeX templates for this format are available at:

Submissions should be in PDF and printable on US Letter or A4 paper.

There is no maximum length limit on submissions, but it is the responsibility of the authors to keep reviewers motivated. For example, if the initial part of the paper feels uninteresting, reviewers are not obligated to continue reading.

Good submissions will likely be in the range of 6 to 12 pages. Pearls are welcome as well.

Proceedings will be available online.

Publication of a paper at this workshop is not intended to replace conference or journal publication, and does not preclude re-publication of a more complete or finished version of the paper at some later conference or in a journal.

Drafts or full papers may be submitted at any time to:


Chair Olivier Danvy, Aarhus University
Program Committee Michael Adams, PSU
Stéphane Ducasse, INRIA Lille Nord Europe
Christopher Dutchyn, University of Saskatchewan
Suresh Jagannathan, Purdue University
Julia L. Lawall, INRIA
Florian Loitsch, Google
Jay McCarthy, Brigham Young University
Kurt Nørmark, Aalborg University
Julian Padget, University of Bath
Morten Rhiger, Roskilde University
Ulrik Pagh Schultz, University of Southern Denmark
Eijiro Sumii, Tohoku University
Jens Axel Søgaard, Vestjysk Gymnasium Tarm
Eric Tanter, University of Chile
Publicity Chair Ian Zerny, Aarhus University